Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quirkiest Journalism

The other day, several of my coworkers and I were discussing our earlier days in journalism and some of the stranger pieces we had done in our careers before we started working in public affairs. One coworker told us she had reported on the "cat beat" for a short period of time, covering all things feral and furry. Another writer had a classic assignment — to write about a new doll that had been released for young girls. The conversation went on from there.

Here's an excerpt from my submission:
"We're setting up a gateway; we will invite the dead through so they can join us for our rite."
Read more here.

What's one of the more interesting pieces of journalism you've done? Talk about it in the comments and/or post a link there! You can join the discussion and become a fan on Facebook here.

Note: Feral cat photo is not actually a feral cat ... just a scruffy-looking cat to go along with the reference made to covering the cat beat. In fact, that cool-looking kitteh is a Norwegian forest cat, according to the photographer, Flickr user eva101. Check out the original here.


雁卉 said...

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Debo01 said...

Funny...I went on a ghost hunt, recalled a few years later in the CT (editing resulted in the loss of some key setup info, like the pre-hunt prayer and the Vincent Price reference):

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